Commonly Missed Details in Event Planning

Planning Food for Your Event
May 27, 2019
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Commonly Missed Details in Event Planning

You packed all your belongings, checked that the stove was turned off and the door was locked, but by the time you get on the plane at the airport, you realize you forgot to close the garage. We all know the feeling of making sure everything is perfect only to find out that we missed one crucial detail.

That’s often the case when planning that special event, or picking out your party event rentals in Calgary. The trouble is, by the time you figure out what you’ve missed, it’s too late and the show must go on.
Let’s look at a few of the most commonly missed event planning details in the hopes that you will remember them when you plan for your next big occasion.


Food and Drink


While planning for food is obvious, although it can be overlooked at times, we’re talking about special circumstances like accommodating for food allergies or preferences. It can be a big embarrassing blunder when you are catering to a group of rabbis and you don’t get the kosher meals for your event. Make sure you plan ahead wedding catering for any dietary restrictions for every one of your guests.

Add to that your license to serve alcohol. There is no open bar if you have not taken the proper steps well ahead of time to get the paperwork in order. Now those rabbis can’t even drink the wine. Since it can take several weeks to procure an alcohol license for your event, make sure you leave plenty of room on your planning schedule to take care of it.




Whether you are getting a band on stage, using a DJ or just playing music off your smartphone, make sure your venue is appropriate for the entertainment. Check with your hosting venue and with your entertainment to find out if you will need any additional permits. We want everyone to be able to hora!


Event Day Schedule


You’ve put together so much over the course of your planning stages but you also need to be organized on the day of your event. Keeping an event-day schedule with times attached to each item will keep your event running smoothly and you won’t forget anything because it’s right there in front of you.




Your invitation is one thing but you can send reminders to your guests closer to the event date so they are well aware of their promise to attend. You can do this through an email blast, an event app or a social media campaign.

Similarly, keeping the lines of communication open with special guests like speakers or even the entertainment should be done early and often. Arranging travel, coordinating schedules, and gathering details needed for your special guest can take some time.

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, the same principles apply. Stay organized, leave yourself plenty of time, and note everything. Things can change in a hurry but if you’re well prepared, you can change right along with them so you won’t miss any details during your event planning.

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