Planning Food for Your Event

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May 25, 2019
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Planning Food for Your Event

When it comes to a successful event, food is one of the most important aspects to think about. It serves as part entertainment, part nourishment, and it brings all aspects of the event together as far as theme, atmosphere, and tone.

That’s why planning for what you will be serving at your event is a major part of the process. You can definitely get table settings and decorations from a Calgary party event rentals company like us, but you still need food to put on them!  Here are some key factors to keep in mind with regard to planning food for your big event.


Consider Your Event Time


The time of day that you are hosting your event can be a big determinant in what you plan to serve, and what kind of decorations might be appropriate.

  • Breakfast options should suit the schedule of events to follow. Consider prepackaged meals, a-la-carte, buffet, or breakfast stations to start with and work your food items in from there.


  • Lunch choices, from sandwiches to prepared boxed lunches, full hot buffet, or white glove service are all great options. But consider the time needed for each and choose appropriately based on what comes before or after the meal.


  • Dinner can be served as a buffet or a grand full service, five-course meal. When hosting a dinner event, the food is likely going to be the star attraction.

In terms of meal service timing, plated meals can last for 1.5 to 2 hours, while buffets tend to last about an hour. Keeping those time frames in mind can help determine which is best for your particular event and how to incorporate all your activities.


Special Food Considerations


Taking care of any special dietary needs can show your guests that you have paid attention to details and have personally gone out of your way for each guest. These could include allergy-related conditions, religious requirements, or other dietary restrictions.

In either case, informing the caterer as soon as possible of these special cases is of utmost importance. Make sure you revisit these special requests when you perform your final confirmation.




With food comes drink but making sure you have a good variety of beverages available based on your guests and the food being served is an easy thing to overlook. Check with your caterer regarding juices, sodas, and of course, coffee and tea.

Also, if you plan on serving any type of alcohol, whether it is wine at the table, an open bar, or a cash bar, make certain that the proper permits are in place. Note that it can take several weeks to acquire a permit so start early in the planning phase.

While you can confirm your headcount and meal orders when discussing your plans with the caterer, remember to reconfirm everything three-weeks or more prior to the big day. This will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that the caterer is on board and it grants you a little time to make changes if necessary.

When planning food for your event, make sure you first consider the purpose of the event itself. The event theme will also help you determine how and what to serve. Working closely with your caterer will be a great help.

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