Choosing Decorations for Your Event

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May 21, 2019
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Choosing Decorations for Your Event

Choosing the right decorations for your event is extremely important for setting the tone and can completely change the feel of the venue.

In thinking about the types of decorations you’re looking for you need to consider what is available, how it will all come together during set-up, and what you want to achieve for your guests. Our planners can help you with your event and part rentals in Calgary to come up with some gorgeous settings, but here are a few things to brainstorm with.  So here’s a look at some suggestions that can help you choose your event decorations.


Tone and Atmosphere


By being prepared with how you want the atmosphere and the tone of your event to look and feel, you can save time and money on the right decorations. Do this by selecting a theme for the event and follow through with a few keywords that elicit the right emotions you want out of your event. This can be used to guide you to the right decorations.


Be Goal Specific


Have a clear idea of what you want your event to achieve, whether it’s to network for business, stage a speaking engagement, or to have an all-out wedding blast. Each goal will narrow down your decoration selection so you are able to choose accordingly.


Your Venue is Your Friend


You can’t choose decorations before you have a venue and you understand what they already have in place for your event. Think of the size of the space, the lighting, and the overall atmosphere of the room to help guide your decoration choices. Use the space wisely with the proper sized and oriented decorations that are appropriate for your particular event.




No matter the size of your event or the size of your tables, you can add the right centerpiece to draw focus or WOW your guests. Centerpieces are easy to manipulate as they simply sit on tables and they can be made to suit any size or shape of table.


Use Height and Texture to Draw Attention


Keeping all the elements of the room at the same height can make the room seem flat and deflated. By using larger pieces that carry different textures, you can create a point of focus for your guests and draw attention where you want it. Plus, textures can create different feelings within the room from fun and playful to fresh and modern.


Have a Color Scheme in Mind


Once you have selected the colors you want to see, stick to it. You don’t want to clash with your own decorations. While it’s possible that not everything will match precisely, if you have a certain color theme that you are sticking to, the room will flow nicely.

When planning your event you may need to alter your color plans slightly to accommodate what you find. This is expected but staying open to ideas can help you bring those colors together.

The decorations for your event will definitely set the tone for your guests, so it’s important to get it right. At the same time, choosing your event decorations is a fluid and changing process. Start with what you find more difficult and it only gets easier from there.

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