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How to Choose a Wedding Venue

A wedding venue is one of the first and biggest decisions you will make in your planning process. The venue will set the tone for your day so it’s a big deal. Deciding on the right venue can be a whirlwind but we’re hoping to make it a little easier with this brief guide to choosing the right venue for your wedding rentals in Calgary.


Choose a General Location


When you know where in the world you want to get married, it makes choosing a venue in that location much easier.

What’s Your Headcount?


You can narrow the list of options further by coming up with an initial guest list. That will determine which venues can accommodate your wedding party and which cannot.


Pick a Date


Being flexible with your date will give you more options but you still have to work with what’s available. So either chose the perfect date and fit the venue to that or choose a venue and adjust your date according to availability.

Match the Venue to Your Preferred Wedding Style


Do you want a formal elegant affair or light and casual tone to your wedding? Deciding on your wedding style will give you an idea of which venues will be appropriate.


Types of Wedding Venues


There are so many options open to you from the traditional wedding venue to the exotic and unique. Here are some ideas that can inspire and help you with your wedding venue choice:

  • Ballroom – This is a great option for a traditional and formal style wedding that can typically hold a large capacity. You can find a ballroom as a standalone venue or it can be part of a hotel, country club, or banquet hall.


  • Barn – You can have a blank slate to work with to create your own unique style in a rustic setting. Your wedding can be a formal affair against this backdrop or it can be casual and playful.


  • Beach – This is a beautiful setting for a relaxed barefoot wedding that can ease the burden of having to account for decorations. Make sure you have a backup plan ready in case of poor weather.


  • Garden – This venue type offers natural beauty and versatility. You can dress up the space for a formal event or keep it simple with a casual style. Your photos will look outstanding against the stunning backdrop of natural colors.


  • Unique Space – Hosting your wedding reception at a museum or gallery can provide a stunning large space that also provides great visual appeal. You can determine the perfect unique wedding space by thinking about what you and your significant other love to share together, whether it’s art, history, science, wine or anything else.


Make your venue work for you to have the perfect wedding you have always wanted by first thinking of the type of style you would love to see. Then following these guidelines we’ve put together for you can make choosing your wedding venue a fun and memorable planning experience.

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