Things That Are Easy to Forget When Planning a Wedding

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May 3, 2019
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May 11, 2019
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Things That Are Easy to Forget When Planning a Wedding

The good news is, you’re planning a wedding! The bad news is you’re planning a wedding. There are only about a million things to think about and do to make your special day just right. And there are bound to be a few things you forget along the way. While we have been a wedding rentals Calgary company that couple can trust, there are a lot of other things to keep in mind.

Let’s help with that and take a look at some of the common things that are easy to forget when you’re planning a wedding so you can be prepared.

Outdoor Wedding Contingency Plan


Who doesn’t love an outdoor wedding? It can be a beautiful experience for family and friends but Mother Nature often has her own plans regardless of whether or not it’s your special day. In case of inclement weather, have a backup plan. It may not be the ideal setting you hoped for but your guests will understand. This is one great wedding headache you can take care of before it happens.


Prime Picture Time


To capture some incredible photos, your photographer will want to take advantage of the sunset. It provides a prime backdrop to amazing pictures, so knowing what time the sun goes down on your wedding day will help you plan around those photos instead of taking your first turns on the dance floor.


Bridal Party Transportation


It’s easy to remember how the bride and groom will be arriving and leaving the party and your guests have their own rides. But since the bridal party often find themselves at the venue before anyone else, arranging their transportation can help keep things moving on schedule.


The Point Person


On the day of the wedding, the happy couple will be busy and stressed out enough so handling any issues that arise will just not be an option. Selecting a point person to handle anything that comes up can relieve some of that stress. As the bride, you may still need to make a decision or two, but you can leave the negotiating to your trust point person.


Photographer’s Little Helper


Along the same lines as the point person, keep in mind that the photographer will not know who anyone is. They will need someone that knows who to include in those important family and friend shots and can bring all those people together for the photography.

The Perfect Lighting


After putting together every tiny detail to make the day perfect, make sure you also include the right lighting to create the mood you want and enhance all the decorations you chose.


Dietary Restrictions


You are bound to have guests who are allergic to some foods or have religious guidelines to follow. Make sure you arrange alternative meals for these guests well ahead of time.


Count Yourself In


It’s easy to miss one or two people when doing your headcount. Make sure that as the bride and groom, you are included so that the venue can have an accurate count.

Finally, remember not to stress too much. This is a special day to have great memories of for the rest of your life. That’s the easiest thing to forget when planning your wedding.

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